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About Major Hemp

Just like plants, all revolutions start with a seed.
After it germinates, seedlings mature, grow skyward and sprout green leaves.
Roots develop and penetrate deeper into the earth, serving as a sturdy anchor while providing a foundation for the future growth of vegetation.
Sunshine and water nourish the plant and ensure its survival.

Movements often start with a simple idea.
They spread across time and geography through the freedom of expression, as people passionately communicate their vision of a better society.
Revolutions are cultivated by voice and action, letters and behavior, words and deeds.

The American values of individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness have weathered the test of time in impeccable fashion.
They have also served to support many evolutions in culture as viewpoints and perspectives inevitably change with the generations.
The right to partake in enjoyable pursuits has remained a bedrock of our civilization for centuries.
Imbibing a cold, refreshing and delicious beverage has similarly retained its universal appeal.

Major Hemp Brown Ale began with a single novel ingredient, the seed of a hemp plant.
Its formulation evolved over time, as Matthew Osterman and Ted Jorgensen experimented with a wide variety of concoctions to optimize the flavor, aroma and appearance of this American Brown Ale.
After fastidious diligence and meticulous craftsmanship, the final recipe was attained.


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